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If you are living in a city with full of buildings and establishments, then you might find it very uncomfortable to live with this kind of surroundings. It would give you a hotter environment and a sweaty feeling every time whether you stay at home or in your apartment and even going out for a walk. Even at night when you go to sleep, you still hot and having this unpleasant situation. In addition to this, the weather could affect the temperature of the place and surroundings. Especially if your budget is limited and you can’t afford to rent or stay in a good and convenient place or if your aircon at home has a problem and you need an ac repair Summerville to fix it. But due to high fee, you don’t want to settle it. To sum it up, there would be some good solution and things that you can do feel better and cooler during the hot and sunny day of the month. Some could might work and some could be limited to the places that you are living or maybe you are just thinking about the savings that you could save from using aircon or any other devices. 


  • One way to make your house or apartment a bit cooler is to open your windows or doors. They are just the basic that you need to do. But if the ray of the sunlight is flashing through your window, then it is better to have a curtain to stop and prevent the sun rays coming in from your window. You can purchase a foam insulator to block the excessive light or hotness coming from the outside. One more thing is not to use electrical appliances like the oven or rice cooker as it may give more heat inside the house or apartment. You have to change your light or the color of the light to a cooler one.  
  • After setting your place to be cooler, then it is your turn to feel refresh and good attitude towards hot weather condition. You may take a bath or have a shower with cold water. It will immediately let you feel refresh. Don’t wear thick clothes and just settle with less complicated attire or just simple use cotton type of clothing. Others, might suggest to a cold pack in which it helps you to feel a bit colder without experiencing the wetness of dropping of the moisture. 
  • One of the appliances that people might help during hot days would be the electric fan or fan in a short way to call it. You can choose the best one that will fit to your room or won’t occupy to much space. 
  • If you are thinking about the best one to help you, then you could get a cooler fan. In which you would put ice inside of the box of the cooler and let it turn on. It would give a little cooler air coming from the ice cubes inside.  

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